Dr. Kami Hoss is a musician whose longtime skills and diverse tastes have bolstered both his career and his personal life. An all-around music enthusiast whose roots lie in childhood piano and keyboard lessons, Kami has cultivated a genre-bending, internationally inspired taste in music. He has since nurtured his hobby into a bona fide lifestyle and currently focuses on writing The Super Dentists, the pediatric dental care practice he co-owns alongside his wife and business partner, Dr. Nazli Keri.

Kami was born in Iran, the son of a pistachio farmer. He spent some of his most formative years there before moving to the United States with his family as a teen. Some of his earliest memories are of listening to classical pieces; over the years he branched out into rock, heavy metal, pop, and more from artists both in his home country and in the United States. His multicultural background clearly inspired his fascination with Persian music and art in general, and at age nineteen he released a Persian music album through a Los Angeles record label. The album was released internationally.

Now, Dr. Kami Hoss spends much of his spare time in his home music studio, where he focuses mainly on creating pieces through recording, sampling, and arranging digital media. While he still loves playing traditional instruments like the piano, he enjoys the versatility and endless possibilities of creating digital music. He is interested in the direction of pop music in the wake of technological progress, and he is always looking for ways to integrate music into his dentistry practice. Kami has most recently put his musical talents to work writing original songs on behalf of The Super Dentists, both in commercials and in a short movie that he and his wife created for their dental practice. Kami strongly believes in the power of music as a teaching tools, especially when it comes to educating children about matters that are important to, and directly involve, them. 

Kami Hoss also spends his time playing his cherished 100th-anniversary-edition Yamaha piano.

Dr. Kami Hoss co-founded The Super Dentists with his wife and business partner Dr. Nazli Keri in 1996 in a small office. Over the past 20 years, the pair has grown their practice into the largest pediatric dental firm in the San Diego area with 5 offices spread throughout the region and over 100,000 active patients. This practice, which began tiny, is now said to serve approximately 1 in 7 people in the San Diego area.

Kami Hoss has also discovered his passion for real estate and has taken to investing in property acquisitions. He also acquired raw farmland and began farming pistachios, making him a third generation pistachio farmer.